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The following statement is from the Jamaica Customs Agency


Importers are sometimes unaware of the various permit requirements for the importation of certain goods. As a result they are found to be in contravention of the Customs Act. Even though ignorance is no excuse under the law, Customs would prefer to have knowledgeable customers who are compliant with the various rules and regulations rather than penalizing. Any restricted goods arriving without a valid permit is a breach of Section 210 of the Customs Act.

Please find listed below items for which permits are required, this list is not exhaustive. Items are added and taken off as the Government dictates.

Persons who wish to import meat products for personal use must have:


  • meat inspection certificates from the relevant approved official 
    Government Veterinary Division or Ministry of Agriculture.

  • stamp of approval on all carcasses

  • an import license from the Ministry of Agriculture in Jamaica. The Jamaica Tourist Board will make arrangements to obtain the license if given two weeks notice. Goods not in compliance with these stipulations will be confiscated and handed over to the relevant authority when detected.

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